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Monday, February 6, 2017

Short loop to Sharp Peak (Nam She Tsim - 蚺蛇尖 )

4.5 hours, 10km.

10/10. Hands required to climb some of the sections. Do not attempt if you are afraid of heights or don't feel comfortable scrambling. About 450m climb in total

Cel phone coverage: Partial coverage

Water needs: 2 liters

Appreciation: 10/10. One if not the most scenic hike in Hong Kong.

Take bus 96R from Diamond Hill MTR exit C on Sunday or public holidays an exit at Pak Tam Au. Take speedboat or ferry at Chek Keng Pier to Wong Shek Pier and return via 96R.

Why it's worth it:
Take 96R at Diamond Hill MTR station, drop off at Pak Tam Au.The trail head is on your right, across the road.
There are toilets there shall you need them before you start. Have a quick look at my map. Not too hard to get your bearing. That is Maclehose section 2 by the way

First fork, go right.

Then a left towards Chek Keng

At Chenk Keng, hang right. The path on the left goes to goes to the pier and the youth hostel

Between milestone M40 and M39, about an hour in, you'll reach a little pavilion and a bench. That's where you break-off of Mac 2 and go up towards Sharp Peak. This is where the fun begins. You just have to follow the most direct path to the peak, Can't miss it. And yes, those steep patches are to be climbed...

Top of Sharp Peak
On the way back down, you can bypass the first 2 steep pitches. From the top, just continue opposite from where you came from. It is a lot less steep. Then, you get to this point, turn right. A bit of bushwhacking, and you'll be back to the trail.

Keep going until you get in the vicinity of the second scrambling pitch, head down and left instead. Then, there will be another bypass path on your right, as per the picture. You'll end-up right at the foot of the second pitch. You'll still have to scramble down the 3rd pitch but it is a bit easier. Then, it is smooth sailing back to Mac 2, retrace your steps towards Chek Keng

You'll get to those stairs. No signage that indicate anything. Take them and you'll get to the Chek Keng pier.
There are speedboats to take you to Wong Shek pier. $150 to charter one. Wait a few minutes for other hikers to join and make it cheaper